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Sponge is the first band I’ve ever performed with my brother Tim.

“In a World of Human Wreckage”



Solid Frog

Solid Frog was protested at our Pepperspray release party.

“Today Is a Standard Day”



The Bob Guiney Band aka Fat Amy

The Bob Guiney Band aka Fat Amy

The Bob Guiney Band performed on the soap All My Children.




Throttlebody Debut album here!


Brownsville Station

Brownsville Station

















Brownsville Station “Smokin in the Boy’s Room” reached #3 on the U.S. charts in 1973.  I was in diapers at this time.



Slam Circus

   Slam Circus was where I cut my teeth on harmonies and bell bottoms.

“Just a bunch of hippies having a party!”


Acoustic Rock!

Acoustic Rock!











 Me Playing solo acoustic is far more difficult than playing with a band.


Dressed To Kill...Kiss tribute

Dressed To Kill…Kiss tribute

 Dressed To Kill

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    Haven’t seen you in forever.
    You look happy and healthy..
    The websites look great!!

    Hope to see you soon..

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