Howdy!    Sorry, it’s the farm boy sneaking out.  Here y’all can check out my live gig calendar, musicians I’ve produced/recorded, vids and links to my bands.  Or get a hold of me for any musical production needs.  

           “Handyman” I say, partially because my name is built in to the word, but mainly because I have a plethora of (experience) in my tool belt. Live Sound, Monitors, Studio Producing, Engineering, Mixing, Mastering, Studio Design-wiring, Video Editing, Movie Scoring, Acting, Voice Overs, Commercial Writing, Song Writing, instruments (Guitar, Drums, Bass, Vocals) (Hunt and Peck Keys) DJing, Programming, Tech “Roadie” as we used to call it and golf.

Rock on…

4 Comments on “HEY!”

  1. Andy, my long lost brother!!!!! Love this site for you, and I hope to see you soon? Checking SPONGE for upcoming shows, why is Hobart, In. An unnamed venue????? Would love to see my family, but you are not getting into the Milwaukee area. Remember what I said in the past…..get here and all of you will be taken care of… sending love and hugs to all!

    • Hey Treni, Thanks.
      Festival Park on the Lake, is the name of the event in Hobart.
      Hope to make it your way soon! What’s a BUS?

  2. We spoke Breifly months ago. About my Music.. Getting my Ducks in a Row!- Troy Gauld on: Soundcloud.com . I will Contact you Soon about coming to your Studio And talking With you to Figure out my next Bunch of Steps, Thank!- I really wanna Go Forward.